Scope of work

The review will evaluate existing global good practice to inform the development of an international standard on tailings storage facilities that addresses the following:

  • A global and transparent consequence-based tailings facility classification system.
  • Requirements for emergency planning and preparedness.
  • A system for credible and independent assurance of tailings facilities.

The review will also consider governance options to ensure uptake of, and compliance with, the standard.

The findings of the review will be published by the end of 2019 alongside broader recommendations for the industry on behavioural, cultural, and structural factors (which may not be included as specific provisions in the standard). The Chair is empowered to independently propose recommendations, and the parties subject to the recommendations will respond to them as appropriate.

The detailed scope of the review will be refined through a process of engagement with representatives from civil society, industry, investors, and multilateral organisations but will likely:

  • Contextualise tailings storage facilities (TSFs) globally.
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of existing TSF classification systems.
  • Explore different testing, monitoring and inspection regimes that apply to TSFs.
  • Seek to understand the economic and financial costs of TSF management, including consequences of failure.
  • Assess safety considerations for mine workers, communities in the proximity and the environment.
  • Identify relevant behavioural, cultural, and structural factors.