Chair of Global Tailings Review engages multi-stakeholder advisory group

London, UK – Over the past two days, Dr Bruno Oberle, recently appointed as Chair of the Global Tailings Review, met with a multi-stakeholder advisory group made up of representatives of civil society, academia, business and multilateral institutions, to discuss the objectives and scope of the review. 

In particular, Dr Oberle explored what advisory group members hoped the review will address and achieve, potential challenges, and how to ensure an inclusive approach that enables important voices to be heard.

The overall objective of the review is to develop an international standard for tailings storage facilities that addresses, but is not limited to: 

  • a global and transparent consequence-based tailings storage facility classification system with appropriate requirements for each level of classification.
  • a system for credible, independent reviews of tailings storage facilities.
  • requirements for emergency planning and preparedness.

The next steps will be to publish the scope of the review in early June and for Dr Oberle to appoint an expert panel to progress the work.